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Config Manager


The Configuration Manager allows users to manage View State Parameters; e.g. for alerts.

The Manager has a navigation panel on the left and displays selected parameters in the Data Grid on the right.

Users double-click a cell to edit a parameter

Editing a View State Parameter


When adding a description to your parameter remember to save the description before switching to another view to ensure updates are not lost.

Set up

Before set-up, choose whether you want to build and manage view state parameters using the component properties panel or with a data source.

Set Up Using the Properties Panel

  1. Create a parameter group.

  2. Add a parameter to the group from available listings (in KX Control).

  3. Go to View on Web to make changes to parameters.

Set Up Using a Data Source


Data Source

Create a kdb function that returns:

  • groupDisplayName - string - display name for each parameter group
  • loadExpanded - boolean - for each parameter group, when set to true, the associated parameters will display in the navigation panel when the Configuration Manager is not in the tabbed view
  • parameters - a list of parameters for each parameter group. Each parameter must have the following properties defined:

    • parameterName - symbol - a parameter from available listings (in KX Control)
    • displayName - string - display name of the parameter
    • dictionaryView - boolean - when set to true, displays the parameter as a dictionary

    The following is a kdb example returning two parameter groups - the first group has 2 parameters and the second group has 1 parameter:


    / Parameter Group - Group Display Name
    groupDisplayName:("Properties Group 1";"Properties Group 2");

    / Parameter Group - Load Expanded

    / Parameters - each parameter must have a Parameter Name, Display Name and Dictionary View
    ((`parameterName`displayName`dictionaryView!("DASHproperties:DEFAULT";"Dashboard Properties";0b));
    (`parameterName`displayName`dictionaryView!("DASHsessionTimeout:DEFAULT";"Session Timeout";0b)));

This is the property panel equivalent:


Parameter Groups


Group Display Name
Name for the Parameter Group
Load expanded

When enabled, the Alert Group will auto-display associated parameters on load



Select a parameter to configure:



Display Name
Name to be displayed in the navigation panel
Dictionary View

When checked, displays the parameter as a dictionary



The View dialog customizes the appearance of the Configuration Manager

Tabbed View

Tabbed View
Tab Source
Depending on the Tab Source selected, orders either the Parameter Groups or nested Parameters into tabs, listing the nested Parameters or Parameter Groups in the left-hand navigation panel.
Show Description by Default
Toggles the display of the description for the Parameter
Selected Parameter Group
A literal value or View State Parameter, of type string, that can determine which parameter group is selected. If the Selected Parameter Group does not exist, a message will appear informing the user that the Selected Parameter Group was not found, and the first parameter group will be selected by default. Changing the Data Source property will reset the Selected Parameter Group to a new default value unless it points to a view state. In addition, the Selected Parameter Group value will otherwise be set to the parameter group selected by the user in the Config Manager.

Grid Options

Set which controls are available to the user


setting button effect/action
Row Edit User click-and-edit of a row
Revert Undo last parameter change
Save Save changes made to the Parameters
Add a Row Screenshot Add an additional row for content to the selected parameter
Delete Row Screenshot Delete selected row in the parameter grid
Duplicate Row Screenshot Duplicate selected row in the parameter grid
Re-order up or down Screenshot Move the selected row up or down one step
Export CSV Screenshot Exports contents of the grid as a CSV
Import CSV Screenshot Imports CSV content to the selected parameter
Show Change Grid Button Screenshot Transposes the table view columns-to-rows; rows-to-columns
Prompt User Before Saving Prompt Reminds user to save content changes
Filtering Column Filters, Quick Search, Advanced Column Filters, Disabled Toggle column filter options


Style for common settings