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The Upload component gives a view of a directory on the server and supports uploading and downloading files to and from it.

Files are stored in ~/delta-data/fileStore

A file upload in progress

Set up

  1. Define the file path Directory on the Server to which files will be uploaded.



Valid File Names

A regex that determines if a file name is acceptable for upload. If undefined, all file names are accepted.

e.g. Log_\d{6} will match file names like Log_20200101

Valid File Types

A comma separated list of acceptable file types for upload. If undefined, all file types are accepted.

Types are specified as extensions or MIME types, with multiple file types separated by commas:

type/s files
.csv, .pdf CSV and PDF files (file extensions)
image/* any image file (MIME type)
.csv, .pdf, image/* CSV, PDF files and any image type
The subdirectory to use within the fileStore directory on the server
A server connection with Type daemon. If set to <default> then files will be uploaded to the DC server (or servers for a clustered deploy)
Download Enabled
When checked, downloads are enabled
Upload Enabled
When checked, uploads are enabled
Refresh Interval
Time in seconds after which to fetch an updated list of files from the server. If set to 0 then the file list is only fetched when the dashboard is loaded




Style for common settings


Display Type

Table View is default

view example
Icon # View Screenshot
Table View Screenshot
Header Row Height
Row Height
Set the row height, applicable in Table View
Advanced CSS
Advanced CSS

Margins, Format

Style for common settings