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Dashboards release notes


Improved view state and data source editors

We have implemented a number of features designed to improve the user experience for data sources and view states making it easier to manage your data, visualize how different viewstates and components interact and access your data faster.

  • Quick access toolbar
  • Clean up button to remove used view states / data sources
  • Component naming - assign a name to each component that you create with in dashboard
  • View state graph - illustrates any and all references being made to a selected view state including: Data source, Component and Queries Mappers

Map Component (new)

Our new map component is built with performance in mind. Utilizing WebGL technology , it leverages hardware acceleration to render maps quickly and smoothly. With the addition of an offline mode, this map does not require external APIs.

Map your data to dynamically add the following map elements:

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Circles
  • Heatmaps
  • Bounds
  • Animated circles
  • Night/Day layers
  • Video layers
  • GeoJSON layers

Customize the following:

  • Map latitude/longitude to custom visuals
  • Cluster or display all data
  • Customize colors, sizes, fonts
  • Define custom actions
  • Add custom tooltips
  • Add data labels
  • Add rotation and custom images
  • Annotate lines and polygons
  • Filter actions


  • New line style options
  • Improve range selection for choose x-axis min and max values

Data forms

  • New range type
  • Icons options for dropdown types
  • Bug fixes to improve performance and loading

Gauge/bullet chart (new)

  • Define both Gauge and Bullet charts these are ideally suited for use in dashboards visualizing KPI.


  • Include pivot functionality using a Sankey component. The Sankey is a great visualization to show the flow from one category to another.

Upload Component (new)

  • Upload and download files using our new upload component


Data grid

  • Custom footer template

Data table

  • Client side pivot sort
  • Column breakdown add/re-order/edit/remove

Data export

  • Raw data export option
  • Event tracking


  • Cartesian heatmap categories and labels
  • Line width
  • Performance tracking
  • Line monotone interpolation

Data Form

  • Read only date pickers
  • Drop down selected ordered
  • Number input increment definition


  • Add/Edit/Delete options


  • KML/KMZ Layers


  • Test connection button
  • System viewstates


Data Grids

  • Data grid footer templates

Pivot Grids

  • Pivot caching config
  • Exporting raw data

Chart GL

  • Cartesian heatmap
  • Trigger break
  • Range defaults
  • Base line layer
  • Data labels updates
  • ChartGL performance


  • Improved Performance

Security and Modernisation

  • Panels to typescript
  • Flex panel to typescript
  • jQuery updated
  • jQueryUI updated
  • jsZip updated
  • Session APIs updated
  • Moment.js updated

Pie Chart

  • Pie chart label colours

Data form

  • Data form date picker


Data Grid

  • Header grouping view states
  • Checkbox only selection
  • Cell selection
  • Templated footers

Chart GL

  • Range selector
  • Horizontal bars
  • Category y-axis
  • Stacked bars
  • Streaming zoom

Pivot Grid

  • Editable cached columns


  • Point labels
  • Line grouping
  • Show lines in view


  • New high-performance temporal geospatial visualization component


Chart GL

  • Nano second zoom
  • Data labels
  • Bound labels
  • Waterfall layers
  • Category x-axis
  • Excel and cvs export

Data Grid

  • Header grouping
  • Right click actions
  • Full pdf print option

Pivot Grid

  • Expanded Summary
  • Cell selection
  • Row highlights
  • Cache columns

PDF Export

  • Hidden Tabs
  • Time zone displays
  • Tab loading


Chart GL

  • Legends can be grouped and positioned
  • Support for CSV and Excel export
  • Mouse-based zoom
  • Bar grouping


  • New Format properties

Vega Chart

  • Upgraded Library

Editable List

  • Includes validation analytic

Pivot Grid

  • Inherit column width properties for user-added columns


Data Grid

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Area select

Pivot Grid

  • Full Excel Export

Pop up

  • Define pop-up location


Document Graph

  • Display components: Search & Filter
  • Auto-clean: remove unused entities

Data Source Dialog

  • SQL editor (requires s.k)
  • Auto-execute option

Canvas Charts

  • Multi-format x-axis
  • Offset (time and linear) axis
  • Label rotation and optional display
  • Show major labels for time series x-axis

Data Grid

  • Summary row: sum, avg, count and wavg
  • Composite sparklines
  • "Instant Edit"; single click checkbox submit

Trading Panel

  • VWAP and TWAP display

Form Builder

  • Password option


  • Tooltip functionality


Dynamic forms for developers

  • Render any q schema
  • React to changes for adaptive forms; e.g. Market / Limit Orders
  • Validation, required fields and server side checks


  • Fills, areas & fades
  • Crosshairs and global tooltips, even on HF streams
  • Candlestick layer type

Trade Panel Component

  • High Frequncy Updates
  • Low-Zero CPU background

Query Builder

  • Aggregate buckets with round / xbar

Graph View

  • Live elastic physical layout, edge selection

Usability focus

  • Floatable Layout now enabled by default
  • Shortcut Key properties
  • Update query parameters


Usability focus

  • Click to populate in Editor
  • Editor performance
  • Global tooltip


  • Zoom animation
  • Pan drag axis
  • Bars
  • Multiple axes support
  • Extended highlight rules
  • Hover states and tooltip groups

Published and Draft dashboards

Financial Chart

  • Annotations

Shortcut Key component

Searchable Treemenu


  • Field to field comparison


Easy to use Template Editor

  • No code, click to add from data
  • Bind view states
  • Formatting, validation and helper toolbar

Property Panel

  • Copy and paste

Query Builder

  • HDB support
  • Direct Streaming


  • Legend, Crosshairs and Gridlines
  • Crosshairs and custom tooltips

Flex Accordion

Canvas Charts

  • Violin charts
  • OHLC charts


New components

  • Treeview
  • Sunburst
  • Contour

Visual Decision Tree

ChartGL Beta

Integrated Query Builder

  • Build query graphs and link view states

Document Graph

  • Identify active data sources and their subscribers


  • Defined default component size

Updated 3D Chart

Wildcard support for dropdown search

Data Grid

  • Gradient Highlight Rule
  • Expanded Regex Support
  • Auto-sum calculation on select
  • List capture on select
  • Short-hand numeric notation support