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Getting started


 KX Dashboards Windows   Linux   Mac


KX Dashboards is a minimal portable install only requiring kdb+ 3.4+ to run.

  1. Install kdb
  2. Define q as a command

Install and run

  1. Extract Dashboards zip file...
  2. Run KX Dashboards and a sample data process.
    Windows : click dash.bat to launch from the Dashboards folder
    Linux  and MacOS : manually open a terminal and launch the processes.
$ q sample/demo.q -u 1 &
$ q dash.q -p 10001 -u 1


-secure restricts dash.q to access only functions defined on the .api namespace
-p listening port to serve KX Dashboards
-u 1 disables system commands and no access above start directory
-u usr-pwd sets a password file for basic authentication
-E TLS server mode

See the full command-line reference for more detailed explanation


Follow the steps to upgrade your existing installation to the latest version of dashboards.


Open Dashboards

Dashboard starts with a Demo page in Viewer mode by default. To enable the dashboard editor, insert /edit/ between the URL and #dashboard reference. This will enable menu options to create your own dashboard.


  1. Drag a component from the left and arrange on the central canvas, e.g. Data Grid
  2. Configure properties on the right, e.g. set a new Data Source to view data
  3. Add a form component and link it using View States

Continue adding components and setting properties to build, style and share interactive visualisations