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Upgrade Dashboards

  1. Save required changes to your current dashboard and close both kdb+ and dashboard processes.

  2. Copy the data/dashboards directory and its dashboards from your dashboard installation folder to a separate folder; this folder will be returned once the upgrade is complete.

    Optional demo.q backup

    If you have created custom functions for use in Builder or have added .csv files as part of the html5evalcongroup connection referenced in demo.q - rename demo.q as demo.bak. You will need to copy your changes from the demo.bak file back to the new demo.q file after installing the update.

    New .csv files in the sample/data directory do not need to be backed up as part of the upgrade as only existing demo .csv files will be overwritten

  3. Download the latest version of dashboards from Getting started

  4. Extract the zip file, and copy extracted files to your existing Dashboards install directory. Say ‘yes’ to copy-and-replace existing files.

  5. Copy the backed up data/dashboards directory from step 2 to your existing data/dashboards directory. If you had previously removed the demo dashboards in your existing data/dashboards directory prior to the upgrade then it may be necessary to delete the contents of this folder before returning the backed-up dashboards.

  6. Optional: If you made changes to demo.q from step 2, copy back the changes from demo.bak to the replacement demo.q file.

  7. Restart the dashboard and kdb+ processes by running dash.bat.


  1. Ensure all required .csv files are in the sample/data directory. Missing files will show as an error in the kdb+ process dialog.

  2. If dashboards fail to start and changes were made to the demo.q file as part of step 2, replace the demo.q file with the extracted zip version - without changes - and restart dashboards. A tool like Winmerge will help copy changes from demo.bak to demo.q.

  3. When returning previous dashboards from step 2, ensure they are not part of a subdirectory in data/dashboards otherwise they won't be available in the dashboard dropdown.