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Release Notes


This release introduces a number of stability enhancements to the Stream Processor.

New Features

  • Added new machine learning operators. See machine learning API for details.
  • Worker and controller pods now support Kubernetes resource controls.
  • Added a schema operator for best-effort schema conversions.
  • Added a GET /diagnostics API to the controller and worker for retrieving diagnostics reports.


  • The coordinator now uses Kubernetes state to determine if a pipeline exists.
  • Worker pod naming has changed. See GET /pipeline/worker/{id} for retrieving worker DNS addresses.


type name location tag
image kxi-sp-coordinator 1.1.0
image kxi-sp-controller 1.1.0
image kxi-sp-worker 1.1.0
image kxi-ml 1.1.0
chart kxi-sp 1.1.0


Initial Stream Processor release. This is the first public release of the Insights Stream Processor featuring streaming ingestion from Kafka, and Insights RT streams as well as batch ingest from cloud object storage, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.


type name location tag
image kxi-sp-coordinator 1.0.1
image kxi-sp-controller 1.0.1
image kxi-sp-worker 1.0.1
image kxi-ml 1.0.1
chart kxi-sp 1.0.0

Deprecated APIs