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Python API

The Python API for package interactions provides you with the ability to list and load the contents of a package. Two interfaces are provided under the .kxi namespace, packages and udfs, which allow you to interact with these entities independently.


In the following examples, kdb Insights Enterprise has qpackage installed:

  1. List all packages available

    >>> pakx.packages.list()
           name versions
    0  qpackage    1.0.0
  2. List all UDFs associated with the installed packages

         name      function language  ...   package  version
    0  sp_map        q  ...  qpackage    1.0.0
  3. Load the package contents

    >>> pakx.packages.load('qpackage', '1.0.0')
    >>> kx.q.test
    <pykx.ctx.QContext of .test with [variable, sp]>
  4. Retrieve the UDF as a named function

    >>> test_udf = pakx.udfs.load('sp_map', 'qpackage', '1.0.0')
    >>> test_udf
      select from table where x<10