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Known limitations of streaming to Views

This page describes the known limitations with streaming to Views.

  1. A filter can only act on one keyed column.
  2. A filter can only have one value with no wildcards. Filtering on multiple values is not supported. The UI allows it but it results in a timeout on execute.
  3. If the JSON is invalid, the error message states 'Invalid JSON in 'filter' parameter, please use {"A":"x", "B": "y"} format.'. This is not accurate and should say 'Invalid JSON in 'filter' parameter, please use {"A":"x"} format.
  4. The keyed columns must be symbols not strings. If the keyed columns are strings, the filtering does not work. The columns need to be converted to symbols.
  5. kdb Insights Enterprise Views does not support a rolling window chart that shows the last x number of points. Currently, when data is plotted, the number of data points continues growing. Eventually, the memory fills up and the chart does not render.