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KX Dashboards

KX Dashboards is an interactive data visualization tool that enables non-technical and power users to query, transform, share and present live data insights.

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Rich visualizations of both static and real-time streaming data can be built using drag-and-drop and point-and-click operations in an easy to use editor.

Powered by modern web technologies, Dashboards can be used in all major browsers across mobile and desktop environments.


KX Dashboards has an intuitive layout familiar to any user of office software. Components can be dragged from a palette on the left, arranged on a central canvas and modified via a property inspector on the right.

Workspace wireframe


Over 35 preinstalled components provide out-of-the-box functionality while custom components allow for complete extensibility.

component description
Data Grid Tabular data display and handling.
ChartGL Hardware accelerated charts using WebGL; supports line, bar, bubble, waterfall, bounds, candlestick, heatmap and baseline charts.
Pie Chart Circular statistical graphic.
Radar Chart 2D multivariate data graphic.
Pivot Grid OLAP drilldown data display.
Canvas Chart Basic line, bar, bubble, candlestick, violin, boxplot and waterfall charts.
Breadcrumbs Navigation element for OLAP data.
Data Form Input display for query parameters; text, dropdown and date picker selectors.
Layout Panel Container for components.
Flex Panel Flexible, two-component container.
Overlay Panel Container to overlay components.
Tab Control Tabbed component container.
Accordion Collapsible component container.
Drop Down List Single or multi-select dropdown component.
Text Input A text input component.
Selection Controls Radio or check-box selection control.
Date Picker Date or date-time input.
Tree View A tree-view navigation selection component.
Editable List A custom dropdown menu.
Button Single button supporting multi-action select
Text WYSIWYG text editor with HTML support.
Navigation Menu Navigation bar
Data Filter User generated queries; text and dropdown filters (no coding required).
Visual Query Builder Graph-based visual query builder; support for multi-data sources with update, group-by, join, filter and custom functions.
3D Chart 3D charting (with highlight rule support for 4D); dot, surface, bar, grid and line charts.
Sunburst Sunburst (ring/doughnut) chart for hierarchical data.
Bitmap Bitmap generated chart.
Gauge Gauge chart.
Treemap Treemap or heatmap data graphic.
Graph Network/Flow relationship map
Map Map component featuring Google maps.
Mapbox Map component with 3D overlay driven by Mapbox.
Financial Chart International financial charting component; OHLC, Line, Candlestick, Mountain, Heikin Ashi, Kagi, and over 20 technical indicators and user annotation support.
ChartIQ Integration of chartIQ financial charts; separate license requried.
Code Editor Embeddable code editor with support for json, plaintext, handlebars, html, java, javascript, markdown, python, r, sql, typescript, xml, and q.
Bipartite Chart A chart of two independent data sets, with relationship connections between the data sets.
Range Slider A data range selector; interval or time.
Playback A multi-control stream player suitable for video content, interval or time sequence data playback.
External Content Embed web page content
Video Add video content to a dashboard
Vega Chart Support for Visualization Grammar charts.
Analyst Visual Embed a KX Developer graphic into a chart.
Scatter Add a quartet or matrix graphic.
Contour Add a contour graphic; plotting 3D data in 2D.
Sankey A flow diagram.
Blob Download Download files from byte array in database.
Luna A high-performance temporal geospatial visualization graphic.
Trade Add a Forex trade panel with TWAP and VWAP support and tick updates.
Form Builder Create a custom form for users.
Custom Create a custom component with app.js.