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Ingestion examples overview

This section details some common use-cases for ingesting data into kdb Insights Enterprise using the kdb Insights CLI.

Downloading assemblies

Each of the examples above (not being generated by the UI) deploys a unique assembly CR.

The files used by these samples are hosted on Nexus and should be downloaded to run locally. If you deployed from Azure Marketplace reach out to Support and they can provide sample assembly examples for you.

Firstly, get the correct version of the assemblies by running the command below.

export INSIGHTS_OPVERSION=$(kubectl get deployment/insights-kxi-operator --namespace kxi-operator -o jsonpath='{\.kubernetes\.io/version}')

The assembly files can be downloaded and applied. The code block below does this for the RT client assembly using the kdb Insights CLI.

Replace <USER> and <PASSWORD> in the example command below with your Nexus credentials.

wget --user=<USER> --password=<PASSWORD>${INSIGHTS_OPVERSION}/sdk_sample_assembly.yaml

kxi assembly deploy --filepath sdk_sample_assembly.yaml

Querying data

After data is ingested by one of the sample assemblies, it can be queried using the Service Gateway.

Full details on the available functionality for querying can be found here.