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Hello C

Demonstrates how a C shared object (and its kdb+ interface) can be included as a dependency of a QP kdb+ project

Building under qp

Download the qpacker-examples.tgz package via Nexus:

Build with qp

tar -xvzf qpacker-examples.tgz
cd qpacker-examples/cloud-c-sample
qp build
 => exporting to image                                                                                                      0.1s
 => => exporting layers                                                                                                     0.1s
 => => writing image sha256:bceee4ddc2d2b0227192b3ead9963e0a6abb93ce0cad13c425306757e558ee9d                                0.0s
INFO  | Image   | default [230MB]
INFO  | Main    | (60944-2) Finished.

Build and run

tar -xvzf qpacker-examples.tgz
cd qpacker-examples/cloud-c-sample
qp run
INFO  | Run     | docker run   --rm --env-file /home/ddempsey/examples/qpacker-examples/cloud-c-sample/qpbuild/.env  -v /home/ddempsey/.config/gcloud/:/root/.config/gcloud:ro -v /home/ddempsey/.aws:/root/.aws:ro -v /home/ddempsey/.azure:/root/.azure:ro -it -e KX_ACCT=/tmp 3abcbfdb85bd43b5da0cd1d69117c66da3ddd4126ad2b210b7fa226d6972ba52 
INFO: Parse kdb+ license [kc.lic] from KDB_LICENSE_B64 environment variable
KDB+ 4.0 Cloud Edition 2022.09.30 Copyright (C) 1993-2022 Kx Systems
l64/ 4(24)core 7949MB nobody 9ba4239a0091 EXPIRE 2023.02.25 KOD KXCE #???????

hello from q test
hello from C!
INFO  | Main    | (60325-2) Finished.