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Usage Notes

This page is intended to document any high level behaviour that needs its own explanation.

Package Resolution

Package Search Paths

Package/Artifact search path ordering generally looks like:

It is good to bear this in mind if you ever get the "wrong" package being resolved.

Generally we use "slash" to delimit package-name/package-version and the tool will split this up and try and resolve it based on the above searchpath precedence.

In the case where you specify something like: mypackage-0.0.1.kxi, the resolver will try to resolve an artifact (`.kxi) first but will fall back to a package (open directory structure).

Resolving Remote Packages

When dealing with a remote packages we must specifiy package-name/package-version using a slash to seperate them.

This is so that the server can split the name and version and find the package on the host in order to return it.


The Manifest is Special

The manifest file is special and shouldn't be edited manually unless:

  1. The docs specify to do so
  2. You know what you're doing

Generally the manifest is designed to be "reflective" of what's in the package and manipulation of it should be done through the kxi package tool where possible.

This "reflective" nature of the manifest can be seen if, for instance you change a pipeline name in the manifest and then hit kxi package refresh. You will notice your manifest file has changed the name back again!

Package vs Artifact

Package or Artifact

Package refers to an "unpacked" Artifact - i.e. a simple directory structure Artifact refers to the "packed" (archive/zip) file - i.e. the .kxi extenstion object