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kdb Insights Core - Release Notes

This page contains the latest releases of kdb Insights Core. To see older releases, refer to the previous releases page.


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  • In rare circumstances, applying a p# or g# attribute to a mapped Enum could cause a SIGSEGV: Fault address error. This issue has been resolved.


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SQL (s.k)

  • Query compilation/execution no longer requires full metadata of the tables involved. Now, only the columns mentioned will be opened.

  • timespan can be now be cast to numeric types.


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Object Storage

  • To avoid misinterpreting an out-of-range object storage read request as an error, kdb+ now clamps the request to a valid range. Without this, it was possible to receive an error when reading non-compressed, zero length files, such as those written by earlier versions of kdb+, for example `:file set enlist"" .


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  • Improvements have been made to the refresh token logic for AWS deployments. Previously, token refresh logic was erroneous if the session was not requesting bucket data, rotating every 30 minutes instead of at the intended deadline.

  • Added a fix for the GCP system command expiry timer being discarded/ignored. This was causing tokens to not be refreshed at all using gcloud auth.


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kdb Insights Core 4.0.4 now runs kdb+ 4.0CE 2023.08.11, which contains a single security fix. For details, please review the README in the 4.0.4 package.


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kdb Insights Core 4.0.3 now runs kdb+ 4.0CE 2023.07.20. For a full list of changes regarding kdb+ since 4.0.2, please review the README in the 4.0.3 package.


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  • Resolved an issue when attempting to migrate HDB data to Azure Blob Storage. Previously, this would fail with a signature error.

REST Server

  • Heartbeat logs were previously logged as INFO logs. They are now set to TRACE to reduce log output.


  • Limit and order by operations no longer error when executed against empty partitions.


Release Date



[NEW] Implementation of retries for generating new access tokens and increased default duration of token validity for object storage. There are now perpetual internal retries with exponential backoff for token refresh to prevent access loss, and configuration has been updated to increase KX_KURL_AWS_TOKEN_DURATION from a default of 900 seconds to 3600 seconds to reduce the frequency of requests.

For GCP/Azure and OAuth2 support, the session duration is not configurable on the client side, and must be configured in Google Cloud or Azure.


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New features

[NEW] function .Q.ld exposes logic used by \l to group script lines for evaluation.

q).Q.ld read0`:funcs.q
1                   2                5                    6
"/ multi line func" "f:{\n  x+y\n }" "/ single line func" "g:{x*y}"

[NEW] -p cmd line option (or \p system command) can now listen on a port within a specified range e.g.

q)\p 80/85

The range of ports is inclusive and tried in a random order. A service name can be used instead of a port number. The existing option of using 0W to choose a free ephemeral port can be more efficient (where suitable). Range can be used in place of port number, when using existing rules e.g. for hostname.

q)\p myhost:2000/2010
// or for multithreaded port
q)\p -2000/2010

[NEW] x) will try to load x.k_ if loading x.k fails

[FIX] The debugger could return incorrect line numbers for multi-line functions containing multi-line comments.

[FIX] Reading with 1: no longer strips quotes, e.g. ("abcd";"\"ef\"")~first each("**";4 4)1:"abcd\"ef\""

[FIX] Windows will now pick up versions of openssl prior to v3.


Release Date


Rebranding and Contents

[NEW] KX Cloud Edition has been rebranded kdb Insights Core.

[NEW] The package name has been changed to kdbInsightsCore-x.y.z.tgz(formerly KxCloudEdition-x.y.z.tgz)

[NEW] The packaging application QPacker has been removed from kdb Insights Core package. It is still available as a separate download from Nexus depending on your kdb Insights subscription tier.

[NEW] The qce installers have been removed from kdb Insights Core package. They are still available as a separate download from Nexus depending on your kdb Insights subscription tier.