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Publishing data

For use cases where you want to send a message to be processed or to trigger an action, you can publish a table into a stream. For example, you may want a query to send a message to a Stream Processor to perform an action. Alternatively, you may want to publish a record to a different table from a query event. To publish data from a custom API, you can be use the .kxi.publish API. This function takes two arguments:

  • tn - symbol - Table name.
  • data - table - Table content. The table must be unkeyed and conform to the schema in the assembly.

Additionally the .kxi.publishRaw API can be used to publish arbitrary data. This function takes a single argument that is the message to publish to the stream, however no checks are done on the data, in fact the data does not even have to be a table.

The data is published on the bus configured in the assembly. Calling this function repeatedly with the same data will cause the data to be published multiple times. This includes the case when different DAPs publish the same data. Therefore you must ensure that the query is routed to the correct DAP to avoid duplication.