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Installing the Java SDK


The SDKs are only currently supported on Linux and Windows running on x86 architectures. We currently do not support OsX.

Installation details

On Windows the ODBC driver must be installed when using the Java SDK.

Click here for installation instructions.

For Linux the jar file contains everything required to use the Java SDK. The Java SDK uses the following environment variables:

variable description
RT_REP_DIR Path where the replicator can be extracted to. It must be possible to execute a program from this location.
KXI_CONFIG_URL The URL that this program will call to find the endpoint(s) it will need to connect to. This will be in the following form https://\({INSIGHTS_HOSTNAME}/informationservice/details/\)
RT_LOG_PATH The location where the RT messages streams will be written to.

Supported data types

The following data types are supported by the Java SDK:

type schema notation example
string string name
int int 1
byte byte 0
long long 200000
float float 1.2345
timestamp ts 2000.01.01D00:00:00.000000000