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RT stream log archival configuration

RT stream log archival rules can be set using global config values. This allows the user to configure the retention duration and max log size for RT stream log files according to their required policies.

    retentionDuration: 10080
    maxLogSize: 5


Variable Type Example Default
retentionDuration int 7200 10080

Retention period for logs (in minutes). Set to 0 to disable time-based archival.


Variable Type Example Default
maxLogSize string 10g

Maximum size for RT stream logs. Format is 5g for 5GB. Support suffixes are [kmgtp] (KB, MB, GB, TB, PB respectively). There is no default value for this parameter. In this case the archiver will default to ~90% of the available disk.

RT chart

Stream log archival settings can be configured for the RT chart specifically. This is done by adding a similar block to below in your values file.

      retentionDuration: 10080
      maxLogSize: 5g