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Additional global configurations

There are some additional globals worth mentioning to help utilize the KX Insights Platform appropriately.

Environment Variables

Environment variables can be set across all charts and pods by using the global object

    ENV_ONE: "a variable"

Under the `env` object, environment variables are declared as key value pairs. Helpers are used when creating the pod, to merge global and local environment variables.

## debug

Enable debugging on q containers. This offers the ability to attach to the container with a q prompt.

    Setting this global to `true` will enable error trapping on all q processes blocking further processing when an error traps.

    enabled: true

## enabled

| Variable  | Type   | Example | Default |
| `enabled` | `bool` | `true`  | `false` |

Enable debug on containers. Appends the below snippet to all containers

tty: true
stdin: true