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Data Access can be configured to report metrics about data ingested and queries serviced, which can be reported to a monitoring endpoint. The actual scraping of these metrics is done by the Insights sidecar container which uses the kxi-sidecar image, and can be be set to report to an event monitoring and alerting application such as Prometheus.

Current statistics reported by Data Access Processes are:

Component Name Type Description
DA da_state gauge Current state of DA process (see .msvc.procState)
DA da_purview_start gauge Start timestamp of DA purview
DA da_purview_end gauge End timestamp of DA purview
DA da_msgs counter Number of inbound messages in interval
DA da_msgs_latency summary Latency (in ms) of inbound messages in interval
DA da_record_count counter Count of records received in interval
DA da_requests counter Count of requests received in interval
DA da_failed_requests counter Count of failed requests received in interval
DA da_request_time summary Duration of requests received in interval


A Docker Compose example of how to setup the kxi-sidecar and Prometheus in an environment is detailed below. First in the Docker Compose file, the sidecar and the prometheus processes need to added.

  rdb: # Data Access Process RDB
    image: kxi-da
    command: -p 5080
      - KXI_NAME=rdb
      - KXI_PORT=5080
      - KXI_SC=RDB
      - KXI_ASSEMBLY_FILE=/opt/kx/cfg/assembly/assembly.yml
      - kx

  rdb-sidecar: # Sidecar for data access process named RDB
    image: kxi_sidecar:0.9.0 # Can be pulled from Insights repo
    command: -p 8080
      - KXI_CONFIG_FILE=/opt/kx/cfg/docker/rdb.json
      - kx
      - ./config:/etc/kx/cfg # Make rdb.json available to container

 prometheus: # Prometheus monitoring
  image: prometheus
  command: --config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml
   - "8080:8080"
   - kx
   - ./config:/etc/prometheus # Make prometheus configuration available

An example rdb.json file is shown below. In it the connection field points to the main DAP container and is set to scrape the container every 5 seconds through metrics.frequency.

    "connection": ":rdb_1:5080",
    "frequencySecs": 5,
        "frequency": 5,
        "handler": {
            "pc": true,
            "pg": true,
            "ph": true,
            "po": true,
            "pp": true,
            "ps": true,
            "ts": true,
            "wc": true,
            "wo": true,
            "ws": true

An example prometheus.yml set to scrape every 15 seconds and set to actively scrape from the sidecar process is shown below.

  scrape_interval:     15s # By default, scrape targets every 15 seconds.
  evaluation_interval: 15s # Evaluate rules every 15 seconds.

  - job_name: 'rdb-monitoring'
      - targets: ['rdb-sidecar_1:8080'] # Point to RDB's sidecar