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Analyst release notes



  • All internal namespaces prefixed with .ax to mitigate namespace collisions
  • Load Google Maps key from env var in Inspector
  • Increased performance and efficiency of Grammar of Graphics library and Inspector charts
  • Improved workspace load and clone performance
  • Improved Coverage performance
  • Support for new OpenSSH key format when cloning over SSH (macOS and Linux only)

UI improvements:

  • Repositories are now collapsible
  • Support for collapsible folders added
  • Rename workspaces within the workspace selection dialog
  • Improved rendered Markdown windows:
    • Improved styling
    • q/Python code highlighting
    • Code block execution
  • Summary Statistics option added to Transformer data preview panes
  • Multiple argument custom function nodes in Transformer
  • Granular chunking configuration in Transformer
  • Inspector node option within Transformer dataflows
  • Sample data panel in Inspector charts
  • Multiple argument reactive charts in Spreadsheet using Grammar of Graphics

Development tooling:

  • "Script-like" evaluation using "display" - no semi-colons required
  • Load/run q scripts by right clicking editor or sidebar
  • Disable lint warnings from UI by clicking lint gutter icon
  • Added in-tab Inspector for quick interactive grids and visuals
  • Git Configuration Defaults added to File > User Settings
  • Added a grid view option within the Console tab
  • Added option in Console to display the expression generating each result
  • Improved public function reference style and usability
  • Default user git configuration settings can be set in File > Settings

Python (requires embedPy):

  • Run Python scripts by right clicking editor or sidebar
  • In a file ending in .py or .p, highlight and display/execute Python commands printing results in the Console tab
  • Enable the following Python integration from File > Settings > Python Integration
    • Move data between kdb+ and Python through UI (editor context-menu and Process View)


  • Added top-level scripts for qcumber, qlint, qdoc, and axrepo
    • i.e., q qcumber.q_ -src s.q -test ./tests -out results.csv
  • Added JUnit output format for qcumber results for Jenkins integrations
  • Added axrepo.q_ library to convert kxscm repositories on disk to q scripts
  • qdoc mkdocs mode - generate mkdocs-compatible documentation from q
    • i.e., q qdoc.q_ -src ./src -out ./doc -render
  • Many qdoc improvements and additional tags

Upgrade considerations

  • Loading previous workspaces will prompt to upgrade the workspace for folder support
  • qdoc
    • API defaults changed to match command-line options
    • pandoc mode support deprecated in favour of new mkdocs mode
  • All internal namespaces prefixed with .ax to avoid clashes
  • Google Maps API key moved to environment variable rather than HTML key
  • When evaluating code, new expressions start in column 0 (semi-colons no longer required to separate expressions)


  • Support for older q versions of 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6
  • Support for versions of osx back to 10.10
  • More tolerant to q startup time due to q.k changes
  • Added optional ANALYST_LOCALREPO_PORT env var which can be used if issues due to changes in q.k persist


  • Added Ubuntu 18 support
  • Q Reference now points to
  • Fix possible buffer overflow when cloning repositories