Menu bar

File menu

The following File menu commands can be performed with the Workspace view focused. If a tab, such as an editor, is focused, File will show the commands for that tab. Some options are only available with certain artifact types selected. For example, only repositories can be pushed, pulled, or branched.

command description
Settings... Open user settings dialog
New Opens a submenu that allows you to create various artifacts
Open Opens the currently selected artifact
Push Push a repository artifact
Pull Pull a repository artifact
History > View History Opens the version dialog to allow you to view and update to different versions from the repository
History > Reset Updates to the most recent committed version of the artifact
Branch... Branch a repository artifact
Export... Export a module
Rename... Rename an artifact

Edit menu

This is the edit menu with the Workspace view focused. Different options are available with a Text Editor focused.

command description
Delete Deletes the artifact

Q menu

See Text Editor

Tools menu

command description
Scratchpad Opens a Scratchpad
Visual Inspector Opens the Visual Inspector
Visual Profiler Opens the Visual Profiler
Table Importer Opens the Table Importer wizard for importing various file formats
Table Exporter Opens the Table Exporter wizard for exporting files to various formats
Table Transformer Opens the Table Transformer
Kx Control Opens Kx Control
Kx Dashboards Opens Kx Dashboards

Window menu

command description
Close Other Windows Closes all windows except the currently selected window
Close All Docked Windows Closes all windows in the docked display area
Close All Undocked Windows Closes all windows not docked
Close All Except Scratchpads Closes all docked windows except any scratchpads
Close All Closes all windows

Help menu

command description
Open Help on Editor Selection… Opens help on selected text (Only available when an editor is focused)
Feature Overview Opens an overview of the IDE's most significant features
Keyboard Reference… Opens a keyboard shortcuts reference in a separate tab
Q Reference… Opens a q reference page in a separate tab
Analyst Function Reference… Opens the documentation for the included libraries.
Analyst User Guide… Opens user guide in a separate tab
Analyst Notes & Troubleshooting… Opens the troubleshooting, notes, and FAQ in a separate tab

Account drop-down

The Account menu present will depend on the version of the IDE being run.

command description
Theme Switches interface between the light and dark themes
About Displays information about the current release
Change Workspace Return to the workspace selection screen, leaving the process running
Disconnect Disconnects from current process, but leaves it running and leaves you logged in. Process state is preserved
Restart Restarts the current process. Process state is cleared
Terminate Kills the current process but leaves you logged in. Process state is cleared
Logout Kills the current process and logs you out of the system

Supported browser commands

command description
Bookmarking You can bookmark the workspace page. You cannot bookmark any other pages