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KX Analyst

KX Analyst is a visual environment used to manage, manipulate and explore massive datasets in real-time by exploiting kdb+’s server-based analytics technology.

Analyst is comprised of the following components:

component description
Workspace Local and shared repository for managing entities
Importer Import datasets into the workspace
Exporter Export datasets into other systems
Visual Inspector Visualize massive datasets in real-time or near-real-time
Interactive editor Write applications using the q programming language
Debugger Debugger dramatically increases productivity
Code Differ Compare multiple versions of the functions or modules
Transformer Groom, transform, filter and query datasets
Spreadsheet Perform analysis using simplified SQL query and scripting


Contained within the KX Analyst package is a set of highly useful q developer libraries and scripts for use outside of the KX Analyst UI and for automated build systems. The libraries contained provide support for:

  • Code coverage
  • Data visualization
  • Documentation generation from source annotations
  • Property-based testing
  • Q static linting and syntax checker
  • Regular expressions
  • Run time and memory profiling
  • Unit testing
  • KX Analyst module to q script conversion