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KX Insights Platform

KX Insights Platform

An enterprise-grade, cloud-native streaming analytics platform for all business verticals

Developed on kdb+ Cloud Edition and Insights Microservices, it inherits and extends their functional features to provide a ‘shrink-wrapped’, deployable platform ready for data capture and query.

  • Portable: run your Insights Platform on AWS, GCP, Azure, private cloud or a hybrid
  • Dynamic scaling (horizonal and vertical)
  • Fault tolerance for mission-critical use cases
  • Full Docker and Kubernetes support
  • User-defined data pipelines with immediate instantiation and query access
  • User-defined functions for user code deployment in q, Python, C, R
  • Full suite of data connectors and application APIs for interop
  • Client APIs in C, C++, Java, Python and q
  • Enterprise messaging
  • Support for vertical business intelligence. Bind in analytics and functionality for your domain e.g. corporate-action adjustments for financial markets
  • Scalable from single-node deployments to globally distributed, multi-cloud hybrid
  • Market-leading performance and importantly: efficiency. Maximum ROI from your compute spend through highly efficient software.

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