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Bug reporting and support

Before reporting a bug, take all the relevant troubleshooting steps.

If these have not solved your issue, please collect the following information and email it to

Description of the issue

What is the issue? Are you encountering an error message?

What is the nature of the issue (error in code, user interface issue, etc.)?

Any other relevant details to describe the problem


Kx Developer version - please include the version.json file under $install/releng

kdb+ version and date

operating system and version

browser vendor and version

Steps to replicate

List any related steps to reproduce the issue from a clean state

UI diagnostic logs (optional)

If possible, send the logs from the user interface. These can be downloaded in the About dialog in Analyst and selecting Download Logs

Note: Diagnostic logs contain only information about actions performed and errors encountered. They do not contain any data or code that was produced or consumed in a Kx Developer session.

We appreciate your help and continued support to find and fix issues to improve Kx Developer.