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Any file in ending in .md can be rendered to a tab within Developer. There are two ways of rendering Markdown files:

  • from the sidebar, by right-clicking the Markdown files within a repository

  • from an open editor containing a .md file by right-clicking the editor

This has a few advantages:

Synced changes with the corresponding editor

When rendered from an editor, saving any changes in the editor will immediately be available in the Markdown window.

Executable, syntax-highlighted, code blocks

Clicking the ▶ button in a code block will execute the code contained.

Note the grid layout of the output table in the console. This display mode can be chosen by right clicking on the console and selected Show output as grids.

Move code block content to Scratchpad for editing

Clicking Scratchpad in any code block will move the contained code to the last active scratchpad to allow editing/experimenting.