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Running libraries

Some of the public libraries in Developer can be run externally outside the UI. A separate archive of the libraries is included within the primary Developer .zip file, named A is included within the archive with installation instructions.

Loading in native q

Once the installation is set up, ensure the following environment variables are set correctly.

Variable Location Optional
QHOME Directory containing q.k
QLIC Directory of q license file
AXLIBRARIES_HOME Path to the ax-libraries directory
AXIMPORT_PATH Colon separated paths from which q files can be imported

Once these variables are set, the libraries can be loaded into a native q process in the following way (substituting <library> with the library of your choice):

q $AXLIBRARIES_HOME/ws/<library>.q_

Loading Multiple libraries in Native q

To load multiple libraries one can use either of the equivalent methods below (substituting <library> with the library of your choice):

q)system "l ",getenv[`AXLIBRARIES_HOME],"/ws/<library>.q_"
q)\l $AXLIBRARIES_HOME/ws/<library>.q_