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Product comparison

A comparison of the KX Developer and KX Analyst products.

Product Features KX
Fine-grained version control
Git-based version control for q functions, scripts, and modules. Users can work locally and check items in and out of a shared repository. Many standard Git functions are supported.
Interactive q script editor and q lint support
Interactive editor with code completion, syntax highlighting, q lint support, and context-sensitive help.
Quick Debugger
Quick debugger displays a visual stack trace for erroring lines of code to allow you to diagnose issues faster.
Code Profiler
The Profiler identifies performance characteristics and issues with your functions.
Compare & merge tool
Compare code for additions, deletions, and changes as well as conflict resolution on merge.
Automated test support
Complete support for automated test creation using a behavioral driven (BDD) testing framework similar to Cucumber and a property library similar to QuickCheck for automatically generating test cases. Code coverage is also supported.
Visual Inspector
Query & visualize massive datasets in real-time with a wide range of pre-built charts using a point-and-click interface to set a wide variety of visual attributes.
Grammar of Graphics library
A complete q library for building any kind of visualization with full support for multi-chart linking, data types, visual aesthetics, and interactive drilldown/brushing.
Data import wizard
Import any kind of delimited data (e.g. CSV), JSON, XML, INI, ODBC, JDBC and any kdb+ dataset without programming using a point-and-click interface.
Data export wizard
Export your data as delimited data (e.g. CSV), JSON, XML, INI, ODBC, JDBC or any type of kdb+ table without programming using a point-and-click interface.
Big data ETL & query tool (Transformer)
Perform extract, transform and load (ETL) operations as well as join and query operations on multiple datasets without programming using a point-and-click interface.
Enhanced Visual Inspector
Additional plot types are provided in the Visual Inspector including geo mapping, plot matrices, network diagrams, quantile plotting, and path diagrams.
Big data spreadsheet
Manipulate and explore massive datasets using an SQL scripting language or the complete q programming language using an intuitive spreadsheet interface.
KX Platform integration
Import and export Instructions, Analytics, Analytic Groups, and Schemas from KX Control, and make charts available for use in KX Dashboards.
Lite mode
Attach to KX Control running processes in a run-time mode that does not create a Git-backed development workspace, allowing light-weight runtime and query diagnostics.
Interactive Debugger
Complementing the Quick Debugger, an interactive debugger allows kdb+ developers to click through stack frames and code execution, interrogate and dynamically manipulate data, and jump to any breakpoints set in the IDE.