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KDB.AI Server FAQs


Q: How do I access KX Support for KDB.AI Server?

A: Email Support on

Q: How much data can KDB.AI Server process?

A: KDB.AI Server Starter Edition offers the following:

  • Storage - unlimited
  • RAM - 4GB
  • 500GB database size

Q: What kind of data types are supported?

A: KDB.AI supports IVF, HSNW, Flat, IVFPQ formats. Check out how these work in KDB.AI here.

Q: I've been testing out other platforms, can I migrate my data to KDB.AI?

A: Yes! You can transfer/migrate your data over to KDB.AI. Contact Support at for detailed instructions on how to do this and get support if needed.

Known Issues

Issues during index training

For CPU instructions on AMD machines we require setting the additional environment variable OPENBLAS_CORETYPE=HASWELL in order to access the full similarity search functionality.

Recreating tables with the same name

If you drop() a table and then recreate one with the same name, there is chance that some previous data may get recovered. This applies to new data added over the previous 10 minutes and with a matching schema. To avoid this scenario, either wait 10 minutes or create a table with a different name.