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This section explains how to integrate KDB.AI with LlamaIndex.

The KDB.AI integration with LlamaIndex enhances your Large Language Model (LLM) applications with data scalability, flexibility, and efficient storage. This allows you to build robust, data-augmented applications that significantly improve decision making and user engagement.

LlamaIndex (GPT Index) is a data framework for LLM applications. Building with LlamaIndex typically involves working with LlamaIndex core and a chosen set of integrations (or plugins). - LlamaIndex GitLab Repository

LlamaIndex provides the following tools:

  • Data connectors that allow you to ingest data from various sources and formats (PDFs, APIs, SQL).
  • Data indexes that are both easy to work with and performant for large language models (LLMs) to consume.
  • Advanced retrieval/query interface; feed in LLM input prompts to get back human-like, knowledge-augmented.
  • Data agents that enhance your data processing capabilities and easily integrate with other application frameworks (Docker, LangChain, Flask, ChatGPT, anything else).

Applications often referred to as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems leverage LlamaIndex to enhance text generation accuracy. You can use the integration between KDB.AI and LlamaIndex to create data-augmented chatbots, index knowledge bases and task lists, or query structured data warehouse using natural language interfaces. This efficient exploration and analysis of data makes it easier to extract valuable insights.

Next steps

For more details about KDB.AI and LlamaIndex, check out the following resources: