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KDB.AI Cloud Starter Edition


Q: How do I access KX Support for KDB.AI Cloud?

A: Head to our Slack Community. If you need assistance with your environment, email

Q: What should I do if I am approaching the memory limit?

A: To prevent going over your memory limit and your instance entering into a not running state, it is recommended to delete any unused data by using the drop table command.

Q: What kind of data types are supported?

A: KDB.AI supports IVF, HSNW, Flat, IVFPQ formats. Check out how these work in KDB.AI here.

Q: I've been testing out other platforms, can I migrate my data to KDB.AI?

A: Yes! You can transfer/migrate your data over to KDB.AI. Head to our Slack channel for detailed instructions on how to do this and get support if needed.

Q: Why is my memory usage not 0 when I log in to KDB.AI Cloud for the first time?

A: A baseline amount of memory is required for running the KDB.AI container. The memory display assists you in seeing how close you are to the usage limit.

Q: How much data can KDB.AI Cloud process?

A: KDB.AI Cloud Starter Edition offers the following:

  • Storage - 30GB
  • RAM - 4GB
  • Query size - 10MB

When inserting data, it is recommended to keep the size under 10 MB. You can split large insertions into batches, or chunks, as this can also improve the query performance.


Problem: My database says it's not running. What should I do?

Solution: If you are experiencing an issue with your database, please email our Support Team on