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KX Insights Platform UI

The KX Insights Platform UI, is a cloud based, interactive data visualization tool

KX Insights is a cloud based, easy-to-use, data investigation platform. Choose to import data from the cloud, file or relational data services, before querying your data in an exploration tab. Data can be represented in tabulated and visual formats, and is readily accessible from the platform. See how easy it is to import and interact with your data in the video below:


To access the UI, a new user must be created in Keycloak via the admin account:


Ensure this user is assigned all Available Roles before assiging a password for the user. Logout of the Admin Keycloak account and close the tab.

In a new browser tab, open https://${INSIGHTS_HOSTNAME} and sign-in as the newly created user.

Insights Platform UI

This will open the UI Overview screen

Insights Platform UI

Connect to Keycloak.


The Overview is a summary of generated reports and data pipelines. A prospective icon menu on the left offers quick access to data import, pipelines, exploration and visualization, and dashboard reports.

Insights Platform UI

A Document Bar in the header menu can be used to switch between workspaces.

Getting Started

The quickest way to get started is to import data to the UI; click the import icon from the prospective menu or overview page to initiate a data import. Alternatively, start by building a database, create schemas and add data tables.

Insights Platform UI


Reports is a list of embedded demo Dashboards; select-click to open. Click column header to sort in ascending or descending order. Select-click to filter

Insights Platform UI

Report name with jump link to the dashboard.



A status report of data service pipelines.

Insights Platform UI

The assigned pipeline name for the data connection.
Pipeline process state; a pipeline state is either in the process of Creating, Running or Errored. Data from running pipelines can be queried in an explore tab.
Date pipeline is created.
Last Seen
Date pipeline was last accessed.


Select a pipeline, then click Monitor to open read-only view of the pipeline. This will open the selected pipeline in a workspace navigable from the Document bar.


Select a pipeline, then click Teardown to remove a pipeline from the list.


Prospective Menu

A customizable navigation toolbar, right-click to open the menu selector.

Insights Platform UI

Entity Tree

A list of import, pipeline, report and query documents with global search functionality.

Insights Platform UI


Create a Database with a simple wizard.



Import data from cloud, file or relational data services using a step-by-step wizard.



Create custom data pipelines.



Investigate your data. Click to + NEW to open an Explore workspace. Any running data service pipeline be queried from the Explore editor using qsql or SQL.



Preconfigured dashboards; click to view.



A list of configured streaming data services. Selecting a streaming data service will open an Explore workspace.



A list of available data sets. Selecting a table will open an Explore workspace.

Document Bar

The Document Bar is where workspaces are managed; add a Pipeline, Explore, Report or Import workspace with "+". Tab menus are scrollable.

Insights Platform UI