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Dashboard components are defined as AMD modules that return a constructor function. This function is invoked with the initialization parameters including a DOM element.

Download Dashboards Direct for free to use as an SDK to develop components. Once complete, see Deployment for instructions on adding a component to your Dashboards installation.

Hello World

1. Five lines of Javascript

Create a HelloWorld folder in www/modules/ including a main.js file with the code below.

define(function () {
    return function (options) {
        options.el.textContent = "Hello World";

2. Add component definition

Add a component definition to components.json inside the www folder.

    "id": 10001,
    "componentName": "Hello",
    "componentDescription": "Simple component",
    "size": [400,600],
    "appKey": "HelloWorld/main",
    "listViewThumb": "<i class=\"fa fa-fw fa-smile-o\" />"

3. Refresh and drag

Refresh Dashboards in Design mode and drag your new component to the canvas.


Sample Download

A number of sample projects are available to downloads and try. Please read more about these samples in the following tutorials.

Download Samples