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This API is intended to run on a data access process and returns true if it reaches a target.


This API currently accepts labels as an argument to selectively ping specific database processes.

name required type description
label_1 no symbol A label and value to filter results for label_1.
... ... ... ...
label_n no symbol Other labels to filter results on.


The response includes a response header and a payload, where the value is a boolean for each process in the query path.

For issues with the query or responses checkout the troubleshooting guide.


In this example we do a request. Response and application codes are both OK.

Gateway URL

The GATEWAY variable below is defined as an IPC connection to the Service Gateway. For example `:insights-qe-gateway:5050 would connect to the query environment gateway within an insights namespace.

GATEWAY (`;()!();`;()!())

Gateway URL

The $GATEWAY variable should point at your kdb Insights install. For a microservice install, this will be the hostname of the install using port 8080. For an enterprise install, this is your $INSIGHTS_HOSTNAME with /servicegateway as the URL prefix.

curl -G -H "Authorization: Bearer $INSIGHTS_TOKEN" "$GATEWAY/kxi/ping"
  "header": {
    "rcvTS": "2023-02-03T21:03:59.533000000",
    "corr": "031baeba-b54b-443f-9f4e-06931899cb9e",
    "protocol": "gw",
    "logCorr": "031baeba-b54b-443f-9f4e-06931899cb9e",
    "client": ":",
    "http": "json",
    "api": "",
    "ogRcID": "insights-resource-coordinator-0:5060",
    "retryCount": 0,
    "to": "2023-02-03T21:04:29.533000000",
    "agg": ":",
    "pvVer": 4,
    "rpID": 0,
    "refVintage": -9223372036854776000,
    "startTS": "1707-09-22T00:12:43.145224193",
    "endTS": "2023-02-03T00:00:01.000000000",
    "rc": 0,
    "ac": 0,
    "ai": ""
  "payload": [