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define(["css!./app.css"], function () {
    function App(options) {
        options.el.innerHTML = '<div class="basic"><div class="hello">Hello World</div></div>';
    return App;

App is called with a number of parameters.

Parameter Description
el A DOM element into which the component can be rendered
api Component interface to interact with Dashboards view states, data sources, etc.


Copy app.css from the Basic project into a css folder created in www/modules/Basic

.basic {
    text-align: center;
    font-size: 2em;

Component Definition

Open components.json in the www folder and add a component definition.

    "id": 10001,
    "componentName": "Basic",
    "componentDescription": "Simple component",
    "size": [400,600],
    "appKey": "Basic/main",
    "listViewThumb": "<i class=\"fa fa-fw fa-smile-o\" />"
parameters definition
id A unique identifier, required for legacy purposes
componentName The name shown in the panel
componentDescription The description shown in the panel
size Define tile size, set to 400 x 600
appKey The path given to RequireJS to load the component, relative to the www/modules/ folder
listViewThumb The icon displayed in the panel; can be any HTML element, e.g. <svg> or <i> using Font Awesome classes