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kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace

kdb Insights Enterprise is available on the Azure Marketplace!

KX Managed App Plan

Resources and infrastructure spin up and the application is deployed within your provided subscription. Leveraging the Azure Managed Application mechanism, KX will have access to the relevant resource groups and will be able to manage the application on your behalf.


Follow the Install Prerequisites to get your system ready before installing kdb Insights Enterprise.

Access kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace to start the installation.

Installation summary

kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace is deployed as a Managed Application and what is provisioned in your subscription depends on your configuration choices.

The following third party dependencies are installed and used by kdb Insights Enterprise:

The following third party dependency is optional and will only be deployed if you select this in your configuration:

The following Azure resources are created and deployed during installation:


The kdb Insights Enterprise helm charts and images are stored in our Azure Container Registry ACR and are all pulled from here at deployment time, except for Keycloak. The CLI will be used to upgrade your application when new versions are available.