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Text Input

The Text Input component offers a means to make the user’s input available to dashboard components. The input can be text, dates, hex colors, etc.

Any dashboard component setting showing an eye icon Screenshot can be set to a View State Parameter connected to a Text Input.

Set up

  1. Assign a view state parameter to text for entering a value.




Text typed by the user

Validating user input

There is no provision for a callback to validate the content of this field. Consider using a Text component to advise the user what to type.

Input Type
Select from text, search or multiline
Height and width
When Fixed Width is checked, the component width is Width pixels. When Fixed Height is checked, the component height is Height pixels.
Horizontal and Vertical set the respective alignments of the text within the component
Font Size
In pixels



Style, Margins, Format

Style for common styling parameters