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A container for text and images: everything from a short string, through HTML tables, to entire web pages. Content may include values from the component’s data source.



Data Source
A data source
Formatted Text
Clicking on the field summons the Text Editor, which toggles between WYSIWYG and HTML modes.
Template Text
Template text can include data from the Data Source. Clicking on the field summons the Template Editor.
Font Size
Default type size, in pixels
Horizontal alignment of text
Vertical alignment of text
Display text information on mouse rollover
Allow Unsafe Templates

Click when using third party embedded code

Script is not supported

It is no longer possible to embed Third-party Javascript code into the HTML editor. All script code will be removed on application.

Text editor

Click inside the Formatted Text box to summon the Text Editor.


Text Editor in WYSWIG mode

Text Editor in HTML mode


button function
Screenshot Bold, italic or underscore
Screenshot Left, center, right and justify alignment
Screenshot Numbering or bullet points
Font Size 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt, 24pt
Font Family Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Times, Trebuchet, Verdana
Font Format Paragraph, Pre, Heading 6, Heading 5, Heading 4, Heading 3, Heading 2, Heading 1
Screenshot Increase or decrease paragraph indent
Screenshot Insert an image. Includes options to set width, height, Alt Text and image alignment. To import an image, use this button then click Upload Image to locate and upload the image
Screenshot Add or remove URL links. Define the URL, give the URL a descriptive Title, and configure from the dropdown whether the link should open in the current window or a new window
Screenshot Text color
Screenshot HTML or WYSWIG mode
Screenshot HTML formatter

Template editor


Style, Margins, Format

Style for common settings