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Selection Controls

Some Radio Buttons

Set up

  1. Use a data source to define the items in the selection control.

  2. Define in the mapping which column represents the text labels in the selection control, and which column is the value passed to the view state on selection.

  3. Set the Selected Value as a view state parameter which carries the value of the selected item.



Data Source

A data source: include the list of values to pass into the linked View State Parameter and possibly a list of value names to display in the dropdown. For example:

A query for a Radio Button data source


When using Data Source to create a set of radio buttons, ensure Use Data Source is checked and Data Source Mapping is defined.

A sample query to use is (if connecting to the sample data connection source htmlevalcongroup available in the sample demo dashboard set):

select distinct src from dfxQuote
Selected Value

The view state parameter populated on selection.

Selected values

Label description for the Radio Button
Use Data Source
When checked, Data Source is used to build a Radio Button
Accept Empty Values
When checked, a null value is available for selection
Force Selected Value
When checked, the Radio Button will always populate a Selected Value View State Parameter; either default or selected value (which may be null if not set).

When checked, multiple radio button selections are supported and selected items passed to the Selected Value View State Parameter.


Items Layout
Configure Radio Button layout: Horizontal or Vertical
Radio button alignment: Left, Right or Center
Radio button alignment: Top, Middle or Bottom
Label Width
Width of the main label

Data source mapping


When a Data Source is used to populate Radio Buttons, the items of the Data Source will represent values. Labels must be assigned using Data Source Mapping – else the list will be empty.

The column of the Data Source corresponding to the values to be passed into the Selected Value View State Parameter
The column of the Data Source corresponding to the text to be displayed as the dropdown options



If Data Source is not used to create Radio Buttons, individual values can be specified in the Items menu.






Sets the label text for each selection item. The parameters passed to the template depend on whether Use Data Source is enabled.

  • if using a data source then the parameters reflect the column names
  • if inputting items manually then Text and Value parameters are passed

Format, Margins

Style for common settings