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Dashboards release notes


Data Grid

  • Header grouping view states
  • Checkbox only selection
  • Cell selection
  • Templated footers

Chart GL

  • Range selector
  • Horizontal bars
  • Category y-axis
  • Stacked bars
  • Streaming zoom

Pivot Grid

  • Editable cached columns


  • Point labels
  • Line grouping
  • Show lines in view


  • New high-performance temporal geospatial visualization component


Chart GL

  • Nano second zoom
  • Data labels
  • Bound labels
  • Waterfall layers
  • Category x-axis
  • Excel and cvs export

Data Grid

  • Header grouping
  • Right click actions
  • Full pdf print option

Pivot Grid

  • Expanded Summary
  • Cell selection
  • Row highlights
  • Cache columns

PDF Export

  • Hidden Tabs
  • Time zone displays
  • Tab loading


Chart GL

  • Legends can be grouped and positioned
  • Support for CSV and Excel export
  • Mouse-based zoom
  • Bar grouping


  • New Format properties

Vega Chart

  • Upgraded Library

Editable List

  • Includes validation analytic

Pivot Grid

  • Inherit column width properties for user-added columns


Data Grid

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Area select

Pivot Grid

  • Full Excel Export

Pop up

  • Define pop-up location


Document Graph

  • Display components: Search & Filter
  • Auto-clean: remove unused entities

Data Source Dialog

  • SQL editor (requires s.k)
  • Auto-execute option

Canvas Charts

  • Multi-format x-axis
  • Offset (time and linear) axis
  • Label rotation and optional display
  • Show major labels for time series x-axis

Data Grid

  • Summary row: sum, avg, count and wavg
  • Composite sparklines
  • "Instant Edit"; single click checkbox submit

Trading Panel

  • VWAP and TWAP display

Form Builder

  • Password option


  • Tooltip functionality


Dynamic forms for developers

  • Render any q schema
  • React to changes for adaptive forms; e.g. Market / Limit Orders
  • Validation, required fields and server side checks


  • Fills, areas & fades
  • Crosshairs and global tooltips, even on HF streams
  • Candlestick layer type

Trade Panel Component

  • High Frequncy Updates
  • Low-Zero CPU background

Query Builder

  • Aggregate buckets with round / xbar

Graph View

  • Live elastic physical layout, edge selection

Usability focus

  • Floatable Layout now enabled by default
  • Shortcut Key properties
  • Update query parameters


Usability focus

  • Click to populate in Editor
  • Editor performance
  • Global tooltip


  • Zoom animation
  • Pan drag axis
  • Bars
  • Multiple axes support
  • Extended highlight rules
  • Hover states and tooltip groups

Published and Draft dashboards

Financial Chart

  • Annotations

Shortcut Key component

Searchable Treemenu


  • Field to field comparison


Easy to use Template Editor

  • No code, click to add from data
  • Bind view states
  • Formatting, validation and helper toolbar

Property Panel

  • Copy and paste

Query Builder

  • HDB support
  • Direct Streaming


  • Legend, Crosshairs and Gridlines
  • Crosshairs and custom tooltips

Flex Accordion

Canvas Charts

  • Violin charts
  • OHLC charts


New components

  • Treeview
  • Sunburst
  • Contour

Visual Decision Tree

ChartGL Beta

Integrated Query Builder

  • Build query graphs and link view states

Document Graph

  • Identify active data sources and their subscribers


  • Defined default component size

Updated 3D Chart

Wildcard support for dropdown search

Data Grid

  • Gradient Highlight Rule
  • Expanded Regex Support
  • Auto-sum calculation on select
  • List capture on select
  • Short-hand numeric notation support