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Blogs, Articles, Podcasts and Videos

KX, Partners and members of the public regularly post articles, blogs and videos relating to their usage of PyKX and how it can be used as part of solutions to real-world problems. The intention of this page is to centralise these blogs and articles and will be kept up to date regularly.

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Last updated: 10th May 2024


Title Description Author Publication Date
All Roads Lead to PyKX A fictional story outlining how a Python first CTO could begin to see the power of q/kdb+ via PyKX Jesús López-González 31st July 2023
All Roads Lead to Kdb: The Technical Counterpart An in-depth use-case outlining how a user can solve problems relating to traffic management using PyKX and kdb+/q Oscar Nydza Nicpoñ, Marcos Vázquez Martín 15th September 2023
PyKX Boosts Trade Analytics An introduction to the fundamental features and functionality of PyKX Paul Douglas, Paul Walsh, and Thomas Smyth June 26th 2023
PyKX Highlights 2023 A breakdown of new features and functionality added from January 2023 to version 2.1.1 in October 2023. Rian Ó Cuinneagáin 25th October 2023
Build and Manage Databases using PyKX A breakdown of how PyKX can be used to generate and maintain kdb+ databases using newly released functionality Conor McCarthy 24th January 2024
Contributing to PyKX Outlining how new developers can contribute to PyKX Oscar Nydza Nicpoñ 10th April 2024


Title Description Publication Date
KX Brings the Power and Performance of kdb+ to Python Developers with PyKX Market announcement of PyKX being made open source. 7th June 2023


Using PyKX to Bring the Power of kdb+ to Python

Conor McCarthy Introduces how PyKX can be used generate data, run analytics and create databases.

Accelerating Application Development with PyKX

Jack Kiernan outlines the fundamentals of PyKX.

Accelerating Python Workflows using PyKX in kdb

Nathan Crone and Andrew Morrison outline the basic building blocks of PyKX and how using q with PyKX allows users to accelerate analytic development in Finance.

High Performance, Real-time Event Processing with PyKX

Mohammad Noor and Oliver Stewart outline how Citadel make use of PyKX to accelerate real-time event processing using kdb+ and reducing the barrier for entry to those unfamiliar with q/kdb+.