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Context Interface


Interface to q contexts and scripts which define a namespace.

The context interface provides an easy to way access q contexts (also known as namespaces when at the top level). For more information about contexts/namespaces in q please refer to Chapter 12 of Q for Mortals.



Bases: type(Path())

pathlib.Path instance for the current directory regardless of directory changes.


QContext(q, name, parent, no_ctx=False)

Interface to a q context.

Members of the context be accessed as if the QContext object was a dictionary, or by dotting off of the QContext object.

q: The q instance in which the context exists.
name: The name of the context.
parent: The parent context as a `QContext`, or `None` in the case of the global context.



Clears the cached context, forcing it to be reloaded the next time it is accessed.



Bases: QContext

Special interface to handle the .z context.

The .z context in q is not a normal context; it lacks a dictionary. To access it one must access its attributes directly.


_fully_qualified_name(name, parent)

Constructs the fully qualified name of a context given its name and parent.