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mqtt Using MQTT with kdb+


Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is a machine-to-machine/IOT connectivity protocol. It is designed to be lightweight, offering functionality for publish/subscribe messaging transport.

The protocol is commonly used for constrained devices with low bandwidth, high latency or on unreliable networks.

Use cases

This messaging protocol is used extensively where a small software footprint is required, e.g.

  • communication with edge devices/sensors
  • home automation
  • mobile applications

MQTT: Real-world applications

Kdb+/MQTT integration

This interface lets you communicate with an MQTT broker from a kdb+ session. The interface follows closely the PAHO MQTT C API. Exposed functionality includes

  • connect to an MQTT broker
  • subscribe to topics
  • publish to a broker

Function reference, example implementations
Install guide

To run the examples you will need a MQTT broker installed and running locally.


The interface is currently available under an Apache 2.0 license and is supported on a best-efforts basis by the KX Fusion team. The interface is currently in active development, with additional functionality released on an ongoing basis.

Issues and feature requests

Guide to contributing

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