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LDAP interface examples


The scripts below are in the examples folder of the interface. They provide insight into the different capabilities of the interface.


  1. The LDAP interface installed as described in the interface’s
  2. The folder q/ containing ldap.q placed either in the examples folder or (preferably) in the your QHOME directory.

Root DSE query

Queries the server’s rootDSE. Depending on the functionality your server supports, and its config, it may show attributes such as supportedSASLMechanisms (supported security mechanisms for use in bind).

Other attributes that may be populated

The rootDSE is often used to discover what functionality an LDAP server may support, and information to identify the type of LDAP server, e.g. vendor details. The rootDSE may be subject to access restrictions, so your server may require you to do a specific bind to retrieve these details.

The connection details within the script may need altering to communicate with your LDAP server.

q root_dse.q

Shows a search that works with the example LDAP server at:


The script includes searches such as searching for a user’s email. (This example server does not require a bind with user dn/password.)

q search.q
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