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LDAP interface for kdb+


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) is a vendor-neutral protocol to interact with directory services. The open protocol that client/servers should implement is detailed on RFC 4511.

The protocol is often used by organizations for centralized authentication and storage of their resources such as users, groups, services, applications, etc. For example, a client application can find if a user is a member of a particular group to allow access to their service.

Use cases

In addition to authentication and authorization uses, depending on the data stored on your LDAP server, it could be used to access data for analytics e.g.

  • company staff turnover (if user creation date/leave dates/etc. recorded)
  • IT equipment approaching end of life (if hardware details recorded)
  • staff departmental memberships

Kdb+/LDAP integration

This interface allows kdb+ to interact with the LDAP. This API permits a client to authenticate and search against an LDAP server. The interface is a thin wrapper against the open source OpenLDAP library.

LDAP API manual

Not all server vendors may provide the same set of features, so this API aims to be vendor-neutral for maximum flexibility.

Install guide


The interface is currently available as a beta version under an Apache 2.0 licence and is supported on a best-efforts basis by the Fusion team. This interface is currently in active development, with additional functionality to be released on an ongoing basis.

Issues and feature requests
Guide to contributing

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