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Natural-language processing

Natural-language processing (NLP) can be used to answer a variety of questions about unstructured text data, as well as facilitating open-ended exploration.

It can be applied to datasets such as emails, online articles and comments, tweets or novels. Although the source is text, transformations are applied to convert this data to vectors, dictionaries and symbols which can be handled very effectively by q. Many operations such as searching, clustering, and keyword extraction can all be done using very simple data structures, such as feature vectors and bag-of-words representations.


The following requirements cover those needed to initialize running of the NLP library

A number of Python dependencies also exist for this library. These can be installed using Pip as outlined at KxSystems/nlp.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

or via Conda

$ conda install --file requirements.txt

Besides those installed via the above code there is also a requirement that the English model be downloaded for Spacy:

$ python -m spacy download en


Tensorflow and Tensorflow_text are not a requirement to run this library, however, if installed, extra functionality is included.


The library is available from KxSystems/nlp.

Alternatively the library is available as a Docker image.

If you have Docker installed you can run:

$ docker run -it --name mynlp kxsys/nlp
kdb+ on demand - Personal Edition


I agree to the terms of the license agreement for kdb+ on demand Personal Edition (N/y): y

If applicable please provide your company name (press enter for none): ACME Limited
Please provide your name: Bob Smith
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KDB+ 3.5 2018.04.25 Copyright (C) 1993-2018 Kx Systems
l64/ 4()core 7905MB kx 0123456789ab EXPIRE 2018.12.04 KOD #0000000

Loading code/utils.q
Loading code/regex.q
Loading code/sent.q
Loading code/parser.p
Loading code/parser.q
Loading code/dateTime.q
Loading code/extractRtf.p
Loading code/email.q
Loading code/cluster.q
Loading code/nlpCode.q
q).nlp.findTimes"I went to work at 9:00am and had a coffee at 10:20"
09:00:00.000 "9:00am" 18 24
10:20:00.000 "10:20"  45 50

Build instructions for the NLP Docker image

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