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Solace messaging and subscription via RESTful API

The following page outlines an alternative method to interact with Solace using the the Solace REST API rather than via the C API. This may be suitable in low data rate settings.

REST publishing to Solace

In order to publish to a Solace broker via REST a kdb+ user should make use of the function .Q.hp to create a POST request.

Use the Solace documentation as a guide to configure HTTP parameters for your use case. Use it also to test the API before running from a kdb+ session

The following examples provide some basic commands to publish to queues and topics.

Publish to a queue

Publish the string 'hello world' to a Solace queue called KDB_QUEUE.

q).Q.hp["http://localhost:9000/QUEUE/KDB_QUEUE";.h.ty`text]"hello world"

Publish to a topic

Publish the string 'hello world' to a Solace topic called Q/topic via direct messaging.

q).Q.hp["http://localhost:9000/TOPIC/Q/test";.h.ty`text]"hello world"

REST Subscription

For a kdb+ instance to receive HTTP POST requests from Solace, configure .z.pp to receive these post requests.

You can then configure the Solace framework to publish to the kdb+ instance using the instance’s IP/port.

Remember to preface any Post Request Target with the character /.

The following example returns a HTTP 200 response on receipt of a message and prints out the received payload.

Configure the kdb+ instance as follows:

Start the instance on port 12341

q -p 12341

Define the .z.pp function to handle post requests

q).z.pp:{[x] 0N!((first where x[0]=" ")+1)_x[0];["200 OK";`txt;""];r}

Configuring a Solace REST Consumer using your host/port, with a queue binding will allow messages on the queue to be received in kdb+. (See Solace documentation on configuring REST consumers.)

It is possible to configure multiple REST endpoints in kdb+, with data transformations and callbacks.