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Jupyter JupyterQ

Fusion for kdb+

Jupyter kernel for kdb+.

  • Syntax highlighting for q
  • Code completion for q keywords, .z, .h, .Q, .j namespace functions, and user-defined variables
  • Code help for q keywords and basic help (display and type information) for user-defined objects
  • Script-like execution of code (multiline input)
  • Inline display of charts created using embedPy, matplotlib, seaborn etc.
  • Console stdout/stderr capture and display in notebooks
  • Inline loading and saving of scripts into and from notebook cells


  • kdb+ ≥ v3.5 64-bit
  • Anaconda Python 3.x
  • embedPy

Build and install

Download the code from KxSystems/JupyterQ and follow the instructions there.

JupyterQ can also be downloaded through Conda install as follows

conda install -c kx jupyterq

This download will install both kdb and embedPy if not previously installed within the Conda environment.

Using notebooks

See the notebook kdb+Notebooks.ipynb for full interactive examples and explanation, also viewable on GitHub.

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