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Known Issues

  • Enabling the NEP-49 numpy allocators will often segfault when running in a multiprocess setting.
  • The timeout value is always set to 0 when using PYKX_Q_LOCK.
  • Enabling PYKX_ALLOCATOR and using PyArrow tables can cause segfaults in certain scenarios.
  • kurl functions require their options dictionary to have mixed type values. Add a None value to bypass: {'': None, ...} (See docs)
  • Pandas 2.0 has deprecated the datetime64[D/M] types.
    • Due to this change it is not always possible to determine if the resulting q Table should use a MonthVector or a DayVector. In the scenario that it is not possible to determine the expected type a warning will be raised and the DayVector type will be used as a default.