Read text from a file or process handle

Syntax: read0 x, read0[x]

where x is a filename, file or process handle, or a file descriptor, returns data from a text file or handle.


Where x is a filename, returns the lines of the file as a list of strings. Lines are assumed delimited by either LF or CRLF, and the delimiters are removed.

q)`:test.txt 0:("hello";"goodbye")  / write some text to a file

q)/ read 500000 lines, chunks of (up to) 100000 at a time
q)d:raze{read0(`:/tmp/data;x;100000)}each 100000*til 5

File or process handle

Where x is a file or process handle returns a line of text from it.

q)rl:{1">> ";read0 0}
>> xiskso

Reading the console permits interactive input.

q)1">> ";a:read0 0
>> whatever
q)a[4+til 4]

File descriptor

Where x is a file descriptor, i.e. a list of the form (file; offset; length), returns bytes from file.

q)`:foo 0: enlist "hello world"
q)read0 (`:foo;6;5)

Starting with V3.4 2016.05.31 read0 allows user to specify how many bytes to read from a Fifo.

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File and process handles
Basics: File system