• kdb+ ≥3.5 64-bit
  • Python ≥ 3.5 (macOS/Linux) ≥ 3.6.0 Windows

Build and install

Download the code from KxSystems/embedPy and follow installation instructions there.

EmbedPy can also be downloaded through a Conda install as follows

conda install -c kx embedpy

This download will install kdb+ if not previously installed within the Conda environment.

Back-incompatible changes

V0.2-beta -> V1.0

  • Attribute access from embedPy object

        q)obj`ATTRNAME     / old
        q)obj`:ATTRNAME    / new

  • embedPy objects can be called directly without explicitly specifying the call return type, the default return type is an embedPy object

V0.1-beta -> V0.2beta in V0.2-beta

V0.2-beta features a number of changes back-incompatible with the previous release, V0.1-beta.

Most notably, the default type used in many operations is now the embedPy type, rather than the foreign type.