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We are proud to provide industry-acclaimed support for our customers, starting with free, onsite evaluations for qualified prospects with application requirements well-suited for Kx technology.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customer needs, typically responding to technical inquiries within minutes, and offering solutions within the day; these are responses from knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the code at a very deep level, not scripted responses from an outsourced support center.

Beyond this, we offer a full ecosystem of resources – of both the material and the human variety – that enhances the experiences of our customers.

Sales inquiries

Write to or visit our Contact page.

kdb+ Topicbox

If you work at a company that has licensed kdb+, you can join the k4 Topicbox group.

Designated Contacts

Licensed customers designate to Kx staff members whom they have authorized to deal with kdb+ licenses, downloads and bug reports. Designated Contacts can reach us at the following addresses.

topic address
Software download
License request
Urgent license request
Suspected bug, unexpected behavior

Technical support

If you work at a company that has licensed kdb+, please refer to your internal support team, your Designated Contact, or the kdb+ Listbox.